Creating Your Wallet

What is a wallet?

Simply put, a wallet is a digital tool that allows users to send, receive, and store assets on the blockchain. It's similar to a bank account in the world of fiat currencies, but it operates within the decentralized environment of the blockchain. At Homebase, we use Solana as the blockchain for transaction settlement, but, ultimately, we do our home pricing and dividends in USDC, which is chain agnostic and pegged one-to-one to U.S. dollars.

We're curating a simple user experience in which your wallet is self-custodial and acts as a brokerage account on Homebase. This means you’re the only person with access to your wallet and have sole control over your funds.

Creating a wallet is a quick, simple process and we’re here to help make this as easy and straightforward as possible.

Creating Your Wallet Through Homebase

  1. Go to your Settings (either from the profile dropdown in the top right or from the menu on the left if you're in the dashboard).

  2. Click wallet address.

  3. Press create wallet and your wallet will be provisioned for you.

After your wallet is created, you can purchase, deposit, and withdraw from that account at any time. You'll be able to see your wallet address within the settings tab as showcased below.

Now, whenever you purchase tokens in a Homebase property, those tokens will be distributed to this wallet. You have the ability to send and receive funds or tokens to this wallet.

We're actively testing out new wallet creation flows on account signup, so this process may change in the future.

Connecting an External Solana Wallet

If you wish to connect your external Solana wallet and did not do so via the registration flow, email us at

Note: Homebase does not store your private keys or secret passphrase for any reason. Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to our team.

If you want to create an external Solana wallet, the process of creating one is easy and takes under 5 minutes and you can do so via the link below.

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