After Investment

This section provides important information about the lifecycle of investments after users invest.

Homebase will begin management of day-to-day operations of the property. In doing so, we will hire local property managers to manage the home, and collect and distribute out rent to all holders.

Property Dashboard

  1. Investing Summary – A summary of your investments and cash flows through Homebase.

  2. News – An aggregation of news articles, blogs, and thought pieces by or involving Homebase.

  3. My Properties – A list of the properties owned by you.

  4. Transactions – A list of transactions associated with your account including investments, cash flows, and withdrawals.

How to Collect Rent

On the 15th of each month, you will be sent a dividend equal to the proportional amount of rent that you are owed for that month. If you don’t immediately receive the dividend after our monthly roundup email, reach out to us at

Settings Tab

  1. Properties Owned – total number of properties you've invested in

  2. Total Invested – total dollar amount invested across all properties

  3. Name – the name of your account

  4. Email – the email associated with your account

  5. Password – the password associated with your account necessary to login

  6. Wallet Address – the Solana wallet associated with your KYC'd account, this is important because wallets gets whitelisted to receive tokens, which we are required to do so to comply with US securities regulation

  7. KYC Verification – will showcase status of KYC submission, whether verified or not

  8. Accreditation – will showcases status of Accreditation, if you originally put you were not accredited and want to change to accredited, it is necessary to submit a ticket via intercom on the bottom right of the screen

  9. Support – get in touch with the team via Intercom

Property Values

Homebase updates the market value of property prices monthly, which we source from 3rd party providers and data oracles.

Selling your Investment

Homebase properties are issued via Reg D security offerings, and thus there’s an initial 1-year holding period for the investment. After the 1-year period is over, you are free to sell whenever you’d like. To initiate the sell of your property tokens, you’ll notify the team that you’d like to sell through the dashboard. Within 72 hours we’ll process the request and buy back the tokens from you at market price, minus trading fees.

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