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Identity Verification

To complete verification, go to your Homebase dashboard and follow the steps as outlined here.
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Follow this link to complete your KYC ID verification process.

Why do we require users to verify their identity?

To comply with US securities regulation, we are required to KYC (Know Your Customer) users who want to invest in the homes listed on our platform. KYC procedures help prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes.
We use Persona to confirm the identity of users who invest on our platform. All information shared to Persona is kept confidential and private.

Initiating Identity Verification

To begin the process of verifying your identity, you will need to click the “Verify Me” button in the bottom left of the dashboard page.
Homebase Onboarding

Completing Identity Verification via Persona

Complete the steps outlined on Persona, the process takes 2-5min.
To complete the steps, the following is required:
  • Identification card or document (Driver’s License, Passport, etc)
  • A well-lit, indoor space free of glare or visual noise that will cause your KYC submission to fail
  • A clear view of your face for KYC verification. Please make sure to remove your glasses before beginning KYC.
If you are using desktop to initiate Persona KYC, you will have the option to switch to phone at almost every point during the document scans/photos.

Example of the Process:

A pop-up modal will appear and ask you if you wish to begin verifying your identity through Persona.
Persona is Our Third-Party Provider for Identity Verification
You will then select the issuing country of your government ID.
Persona Dropdown for Issuing Country of Your ID
From there, you will select the type of ID you would like to use for KYC purposes.
ID Document Selection
You will then be prompted to scan your document or a particular part of your document. You can either scan the document live, upload a scan of the document, or switch to phone to complete this task.
Document Scan Method Selection (Driver License)
After completing your scan, you will be prompted with a confirmation for that document and a final opportunity to check your photo for clarity of images/text.
Document Scan Confirmation (Driver License)
If you select 'Use this photo', Persona will proceed with an ID scan.
Document Scan Processing
If your identification document has a back side (e.g. a driver's license), you will be asked to present the back side of that document as well.
Once those have been submitted, you will be asked to do a face match/liveness check by Persona. Press 'Get started' to proceed or continue with this process on your mobile device by pressing 'Continue on another device'.
Facial Scan Prompt
With a clear view of your face, calm background, and good lighting, you can complete this step quickly by scanning, looking left, then looking right.
Facial Scan Capture
After that, you're all done with Persona KYC!
Congratulations, your KYC has been submitted!
If you get to this step and hit done, your dashboard will now reflect the in-process status of your KYC via a grey clock symbol. Expect a response within 24 hours from Persona.
KYC Status: Processing
If your account is rejected for KYC scan (denoted by the red 'X'), you will have to re-submit. Reach out to [email protected] to have your account reset.
KYC Status: Rejected
If your account is rejected for KYC scan (denoted by the green checkmark), your KYC step is completed and you can move on in the onboarding process.
KYC Status: Approved
At this point, book a meeting with someone from the Homebase team as your final step toward access to the platform and an opportunity for you to make your voice heard.

(Optional) Proof of Accreditation

If you indicated that you were an accredited investor, you will need to upload proof of accreditation.
Why do we require users to share accreditation status proof?
Since our home offerings are registered as Reg D security offerings, we are required by US securities regulation to verify proof of accreditation.
To verify accreditation status, one of the following documents is required:
  • Letter from Licensed Third-Party (CPA, attorney, investment advisor, or an investment broker)
  • Series 7, Series 65, or Series 85 License
  • Proof of income (Bank or Brokerage Statements, 1040 Tax Return or similar, W-2 Form, 1099 Form)
We verify accreditation status within 24 hours.
To complete verification, go to your Homebase dashboard.